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Patch Notes: Patch Note #1
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Patch Note #1

• Destruction weapons fixed
• Falcon set items fixed
• Gnome set items fixed
• Bug exp fixed
• Implemented destruction, falcon and gnome items to the imbuing system
• Created Shop page on website
• Guild Shop has been added
• Zentorum Boots are giving now 15 mp and hp / sec
• Regeneration ring and amulet are giving 7 hp and mp / sec
• Golden Tokens changed to Zentorum Tokens (Chopper Tokens)
• Ferumbras, Morgaroth, Ghazbaran, Jaul, Deathstrike, Gaz Haragoth wont spawn anymore in boss arena
• Items box has been nerfed
• Temple teleport deleted because of a bug
• Created missing monsters: Deepworm, Diremaw, The Baron from Below, The count of the core, The duke of the depths.
• Fixed website marks (fonts were very very small)
• Bug fix with guild shop
• Created missing monsters: Skeleton Elite Warrior and Undead Elite Gladiator
• Fixed New Asuras: Corpses, damage, loot, experience, health and immunities
• Fixed Falcon Knight, Paladin, Grand Canon Dominus, Grand Chaplain Gaunder, Grand Commander Soeren and Preceptor Lazare: corpses and look types
• Created monster Grand Master Oberon
• Fixed drop loot
• Fixed Pixie loot
• Code formating of NPCs: Ajax, Alwin, Arnold, Baa Leal, Bambi Bonecrusher, Blossom Bonecrusher, Busty Bonecrusher, Christoph, Daniel Steelsoul, Demonguard, Jean Claude, Warbert and Wyda
• Grizzly Adams: Fixed id for quara eye and trade bug
• Spells code formating: curse, electrify, evenom, holy flash, ignite and soul fire
• Monsters spells code formating
• Fixed an crash bug
• Added vocation requirement to Spellbook of Warding
• Regeneration ring cant be obtainable from quest
• Metin Stones are now spawning in bosses arena
• Made lever script for Grand Master Oberon boss
• Added Buy tibia coins system and mark on website
• Fixed Grimeleech immunities
• Fixed Game Store invisible items and deleted thoses without client graphics
• Added new items to imbueing system
• Added commands: !outfit, !exp and fixed some of classic one
• Added experience card in game store
• Missing teleport and content to war zone added
07.01.19 12:52:41
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on 13.01.19 11:27:33
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Slaby Tankus

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Upgrade crystals and vip zone

Szanowny Panie Vodkagun i Majster. Prosze jeszcze x serdecznie o naprawienie upgrade crystali i strefy zone poniewaz nie mozna ulepszyc broni ani wejsc na vipa. Bardzo prosze o naprawienie tego bledu. A tak to gratuluje roboty brawo.
25.01.19 08:44:18
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