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Character Information
Name:Krolowa Mrocznej Basni [BANNED]
Profession:Elite Knight
Guild Membership:Member of the Duskiness
Last login:15 January 2019, 6:32 pm
Account Status:Premium Account

Demon Helmet
Ferumbra's Ascandant
In Service of Yalahar
Pits Of Inferno
The Ancient Tombs
The Annihilator
The Demon Oak
Wrath Of The Emperor

Character Deaths
15 Jan 2019, 18:32Died at level 273 by Pany
15 Jan 2019, 17:57Died at level 275 by a deepling spellsinger
15 Jan 2019, 10:45Died at level 276 by a deepling guard and a deepling spellsinger
14 Jan 2019, 20:32Died at level 269 by a feversleep and Veigar
13 Jan 2019, 22:07Died at level 249 by a deepling warrior and a deepling guard
13 Jan 2019, 20:07Died at level 233 by Melen
13 Jan 2019, 19:04Died at level 220 by Earth Stone
13 Jan 2019, 19:03Died at level 221 by Earth Stone
13 Jan 2019, 16:34Died at level 176 by Kazoo Was Rozjebie and Patera Madmage
13 Jan 2019, 16:31Died at level 177 by Frontliner Zeku and Patera Madmage
13 Jan 2019, 15:57Died at level 159 by a demon
13 Jan 2019, 15:55Died at level 160 by a war golem and Azerus
13 Jan 2019, 15:02Died at level 111 by Strikero

[Banished FOREVER]
Account Information
Created:12 January 2019, 8:16 am

1. Account Manager8 KnightOffline
2. Krolowa Mrocznej Basni272 Elite KnightOffline
3. The Oracle8 KnightOffline
4. The Orcale8 KnightOffline
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